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Why you need Upgrades?

Before you start planning your garage check out some of our available upgrades. These common upgrades can prove to be essential in creating your dream garage!


Most of the garages are 2x4" which is sufficient for a standard garage. But 2x6" gives you a stronger building with the ability to achieve a higher insulation R-value

2x6' Garage walls

8' Garage door

Have a pick-up truck with an extension? We recommend you get the 8’ overhead door to make parking your truck easier. NOTE: this requires a 9’ wall height


Attic Storage

Is your yard too small? Looking for additional storage? You can loft your garage for extra space. This provides you with a space to store all your vehicular accessories and any other objects that may need storing.

NOTE: This additional feature can only be added to your garage before the garage build. It can not be added once the garage has been built. 

Attic storage

9' Wall Height

The 9' wall provides a more spacious garage and provides you the option of installing an 8' overhead garage door


6/12 Gable Pitch

Adding attic storage to your garage? We recommend the 6/12 gable pitch. This provides you with a more spacious attic. Additionally, this allows easy runoff of snow and rain, as it provides a sloped structure to the roof.

6/12 Gable roof garage

Insulation and Drywall

Insulation moderates the temperature in your garage. It keeps your garage warm in the winters and cool in the summers ensuring optimal storage conditions for your cars and other belongings. Drywall is created from mineral gypsum and has crystallized moisture within it that makes it highly resistant to fire resistance. Additionally, it provides noise reduction and good lighting which optimizes visibility


Recent Projects

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