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Star Package

The premium package is our best-selling package. This package was created to provide you with more features than our economy package at the most affordable prices.

  • All applicable permits included (Building, Development, and Electrical Permit)

  • 2x4 Framing @ 16” o/c

  • Pressure-treated bottom plate

  • Walls Height 8’1”

  • 36" Side door & 48"x 36" picture window

  • 3/8” OSB on walls

  • Gable roof with 4/12 slope

  • Pre-engineered trusses @ 24" o/c

  • 7/16″ OSB roof sheathing w/ H clips on all joints

  • IKO Cambridge architectural shingles with synthetic underlay come with a 30-year warranty (color matches your house)

  • 3 roof vents for air ventilation

  • Light Vinyl siding, aluminum soffit, and fascia (same manufacturer and color as your house ), Tyvek HomeWrap

  • Electrical (Interior: 2 lights and 3 plugs, Exterior: 2 pot lights at the front and 1 at the back)

  • All inspections passed 

  • 16'x7' white insulated garage door.

  •  belt drive garage door opener ( inbuilt Wi-FI) with 2 car remotes

  • 6" smart Trim prime around the garage door

  • 5” Continuous Eavestroughs/gutters (Match your house)

  • Additional costs may apply:

  • If you have darker color siding

  • if you want a Hip roof-style garage

  • if you want a reverse roof-style garage 

  • For trenching and running an electrical wire

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